A good pallet from INDURA

– We pack goods to order, every time

Custom-made logistics

When the goods arrive at your incoming goods department, they are packed to meet your wishes, and, if they are shipped directly to your customers, we can pack them to match your customer's specifications. This applies to the pallet build-up and labelling. 

In our heated warehouse facilities, we receive goods, manage locations, and pick and send everything electronically. Along with full electronic management of certificates, you have full traceability of your goods. We can help you to trace any specific item ordered at any time. Our logistics employees have on average 10 years' experience and know the products well – they guarantee fast and correct dispatch of individual orders. 

For further quality assurance of your goods, we measure and test fully automatically and electronically by means of spectro and digital software integrated systems. To save you time when you receive incoming goods, we offer to act as your incoming goods inspection. 

Our streamlined logistics processes allow us to dispatch your order on time even if we receive it at the end of the day. We do our utmost to comply with our own delivery quality requirements, i.e. at least 98% of all orders are delivered without flaws.