We take care of CSR

– Every year we visit our suppliers to ensure that they comply with our INDURA Supplier Code of Conduct – decent goods produced in a decent manner


Through these activities, we aim to achieve sustainability including the management of social and environmental aspects.

We respect and comply with the rules of competition, environmental and labour market legislation, agreements and safety requirements, current legislation, international conventions and other regulations that constitute the INDURA framework.

INDURA A/S will not accept forced labour, child labour and discrimination.

Responsible behaviour and actions are fundamental for our present and future success.

Commitment to EU Sanctions Compliance Against Russia

We adhere strictly to the latest EU sanctions against Russia, ensuring our business practices are lawful and ethical. This includes refraining from importing or buying iron and steel products from Russia, as well as not providing technical or financial support for these products. For a comprehensive understanding of our approach, please refer to the full document under 'Documents'.