A growing international company

– A workplace that offers a high degree of co-determination and a strong sense of community

Why apply for a job at INDURA?

INDURA A/S is a workplace that offers a high degree of co-determination and a strong sense of community. We are convinced that we are a better workplace because we delegate responsibility to our employees. We are also convinced that we are more dynamic and flexible when the individual employee has a sense of responsibility, is committed and ready to take an independent initiative.

We seek to develop our employees and future colleagues by building new knowledge through targeted professional qualifications and personal development programmes.

We believe in a strong business culture where positive attitudes and values ensure a healthy working environment, good cooperation and the important balance between work and private life.

We value:

 - Positive interpersonal relationships
 - Openness towards our colleagues' opinions, and honesty in attitudes and points of view
- Any initiative that helps avoid or solve challenges and problems
- The extra effort that positively supports our colleagues' work
- Pride and ownership of the company as a workplace
- Respect for people, attitudes and differences
- Freedom with responsibility
- We believe in a winning culture where everybody works together to achieve common results
- Our tone is informal and there is room for diversity.

Unsolicited applications

If you are looking for an office job within Sales, Purchasing, Business Development, Finance or as a Warehouse operative, please send your unsolicited application to job@indura.dk