Save time and minimise costs

– We know the manufacturers in the Far East and Europe, and we provide the goods on time and at the right price.

The best suppliers

INDURA has more than 30 years' global experience of sourcing flanges and fittings. Our network and contacts all over the world ensure that you and your customers receive the right high quality goods.

When it comes to customised products, your order is safe with us. We follow every step of the way from project to production and further treatment through to quality assurance and delivery to you or to your customers.

Regarding sourcing in China, INDURA has resources on-site in all relevant manufacturing locations. For each and every order, we ensure that our partners in China comply with strict INDURA quality and CSR requirements.

Our purchasing specialists maintain daily contact with and are very knowledgeable about specific markets and product lines. At INDURA, we can give you fast feedback on all matters.

Each year we conduct an audit in which we and our suppliers review all relevant conditions and ensure you a consistently high level of quality.