The right quality, each time

All deliveries have undergone a quality control in accordance with ISO9001: 2015


When you buy flanges and fittings, quality is crucial. We know that our customers want quality – at a competitive price. Two factors – quality and price – are key at INDURA.

We ensure that the goods received by our customers are of the expected quality. Flanges in P250 and A105 material are subject to a so-called spectro test. Here we analyse the alloy. i.e. the chemical content of the steel. To do this, we burn a mark into a clean surface of the product. During the burning, we add argon gas which makes an ultra violet light, from which we read the chemical content. If the product deviates from expectations or the norm, it is scrapped.

INDURA spot checks item numbers and charge numbers. We generate a certificate for each test. The certificate contains the purchase number/steel quality/charge number/EN-DIN norm/size/pressure stage and chemical analysis. (For example 24191, P250GH, 4794, EN1092-1 T11, DN 100/114,3, PN 10-16). If spot checks reveal an error or defect, the entire lot is tested, and an independent auditor, e.g. Force, may be called in.

We track every product's progress all the way to the factory. You can rest assured that we deliver high quality products.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, i.e. we guarantee that the correct goods are delivered on time.