The safe choice

– We at INDURA take pride in solving our customers' problems and we give customers a rapid response – every time, day and night


INDURA was established by a Danish company, Treldal and a Swedish company, Halltorp Rördelar. Halltorp Rördelar supplied Swedish wholesalers and had many satisfied customers. INDURA was founded as its Danish counterpart. The concept has continually developed ever since. In 1993, Treldal bought out their Swedish partners and became sole proprietor of the company.

In 2011, Erik Lohmann took over INDURA in connection with a generational change. The goal was and still is to develop the company in cooperation with our customers. Our employees remained and today many have 10, 20 and even 25 years' seniority.

Since 1988, INDURA has constantly expanded warehouse capacity and today we have approximately 10,000 square meters at our disposal.

In the early days, INDURA sourced primarily in Europe. Today, INDURA purchases globally. Some things have not changed: INDURA continues to work only with approved and certified suppliers.

INDURA is founded on a simple philosophy. INDURA is the customer's important business partner, and our goal is always to have a no-problem approach to our customers. Today, INDURA trades both in and outside Europe.