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The natural choice

Good reasons for trading with Indura

Indura is a full-line supplier and special order supplier of flanges and fittings in various steel qualities.

Price savings – Indura has a purchasing organisation which includes i.a. Chinese-speaking employees who can find the right suppliers capable of manufacturing specific variants to specifications in the right quality at very competitive prices. Indura purchases goods from our well-developed/established network of suppliers.

Time saving – Indura takes care of all supplier contact. The customer has fewer suppliers and shipments to handle. Easy order handling – Indura takes care of transport, customs clearance, packaging and delivery.

No currency risk.

Short response time for enquiries.

A well-assorted range of products – We have more than 7000 item numbers in stock. Indura is always capable of delivering – also the odd sizes.

Less capital tied up in stocks/outsourcing of your own store – Indura keeps goods in stock which means that our customers do not need to have capital tied up in stocks, no unsaleability risk, no storage costs (rent, heating, staffing etc.). Indura takes the storage risk on all items except customised items. The customer can reduce his own stock volume, item numbers and quantities. Goods are kept in dry, heated rooms.

Indura can handle any subcontractor Work – sand blasting, galvanisation or similar tasks.

Special packaging – The customer can specify how the items must be packed and thus ensure a very fast handling of goods in the warehouse.

Financing – Good terms of payment. A financially strong business partner who will also be here tomorrow.

Reliable quality control/ISO 9001 certified – Indura performs the required quality control at the supplier and on arrival at Indura, including functional testing, measuring and spectro test. 100% traceability of items and full control of certificates that are delivered with the items.

Fast delivery – Day-to-day delivery to our domestic and local markets and only a few days to other markets. Flawless deliveries – Our error rate is less than 0.4%. A degree of service of at least 98% – Promised delivery times are kept.

Code of Conduct – Guarantees and product liability rest with a Danish supplier.

Personal relations – Familiar contacts with an international mindset and good language skills. Huge product knowledge. Top service – We are always ready to help you, our customer, and resolve your challenges.

WEB and EDI solutions.

Flexible forms of operation matching your needs – from day-to-day deliveries where Indura keeps goods in stock, or monthly deliveries where the orders are collected and shipped on a monthly basis to project/bulk deliveries where you keep goods in stock but use Indura´s strong purchasing organisation for e.g. four deliveries per year.

A developing company

Indura is a continuously growing company. We always strive to stay at the cutting edge of development. For this reason, we have rebuilt and expanded our premises several times resulting in a total capacity of 7,821 m2 including a warehouse capacity of 6,971 m2. This means that we have a total of 6,650 pallet spaces. Each year we receive approximately 225 containers with items from our selected suppliers, mainly in Asia.
Besides approximately 7,000 standard item numbers, we keep special items in stock because of framework contracts with individual customers. Please contact our sales department to learn more. We are always ready to answer your call.

Indura A/S  ·  Grønlandsvej 1  ·  DK-7480 Vildbjerg  ·  Cvr. nr. 12419201  ·  Tlf.: +45 97 13 32 44  ·